Automate the busywork out of servicing

You'll see a 5-10x ROI (and your service team will thank you)


All of your notices, in a single report

Catch NOCs before the cancellation

Reinstating a policy is expensive, with Adapt you'll always know which policies are at risk

Stay proactive on claims

Keep your insureds informed throughout the claims process to avoid the blowback of a negative claims experience

Keep tabs on high-priority policy notifications

Have a single source for non-renewals, audit non-compliance, and other time-sensitive notices

Carrier documents, all in one place

Go beyond Download

A lot of documents don't make it to the management system, requiring manual retrieval by your staff

Standard naming for easy searching

Gone are the days of meaningless file names and multiple copies in different locations

Connects into your existing document storage

Whether you use Sharepoint, Google docs, OneDrive, or something else, we meet you where you are


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate

See what other agencies say about us

Adapt knocks it out of the park in terms of ROI - we're getting a 1000% improvement

Agency Owner, CA

I just wanted to thank you! A cancellation that showed on your report did not show in our management system. I am glad we caught it!

Account Manager, CT

Everyone at the agency is talking about it - we can't wait to roll it out to the entire team

Agency Principal, CA

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